The pathway to opportunity.

Every student in Maine deserves to succeed—to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way because they have a high school diploma.

For some students, however, it can be challenging to thrive in a traditional high school environment. These are the students who find themselves succeeding at Wayfinder.

Wayfinder Schools is here to make sure opportunity is within reach for all our students. All students are taught academic and life skills that will put them on the pathway to success.


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Everyone matters.

Wayfinder is a student-centered school that provides opportunity for students to discover their strengths and succeed in meeting their goals. From the moment they enter our school they quickly understand that we are here for them—and will do all we can to help them earn their diplomas.

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More than just an education.

We’re a place where the future matters—not only for our students but also for the entire state of Maine. When you support us, you support our state’s economic future.

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